Universal expansible programmer
for ATMEL AVR® microcontrollers

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Sources for v1.0.0.1

Hello, friends! (I'm sorry for my rough English). The Basic module of this program allows working with the external device described in app. note AVR910. Original Atmel software - 'avrprog' - has a limited list of supported types of chips. The presented program allows filling up the list of supported devices with simple editing of an ini-file. Default wiring is compatible with Algorythm Builder and Uniprog.

The Plug-in fbprog.dll, located in a directory 'plugins', allows to program devices with the popular adapter 'fbprog', and the configuration of physical lines of lpt-port (wiring) is set in an ini-file, like in programmer from BASCOM-AVR.

The basic module of program can work in any version of Windows, beginning with win'95. And plug-in 'fbprog' can works only in NT/2K/XP. For its work the driver of the direct access to the I/O ports, is necessary. Drirer can be installed with the program 'setup.exe' (under the administrator rights).

At present the list of the supported devices is very small, but you can add new devices by editing the ini-file.



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